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The Redux

Survive in a huge multiplayer open-world survival game on an island without time! Find/Craft/Use a wide variety of weapons and tools, hunt for food, battle other players, and build a base! There are a lot of unique creatures, some are dangerous and some are friendly. Gear up to fight a bunch of mini-bosses and eventually the final boss, which drops Time-Crystal that can be used to craft even stronger gear! Beware, this is not an easy challenge so team up with other people to create a tribe. Trade with your tribe or other tribes to get certain resources easier, but remember; that your actions have consequences...

Current Release is Unknown

Hobo Horde

A horde game with a hobo as main player.

More Info Soon

Current Release is Unknown

Ultimate Super Bean

A Fast-Paced Free-For-All, With Guns And Beans As Players!!

Dash around as you battle other beans. Guns and maps will be updated often, so gameplay is always fresh. Trick your enemies by sprinting at walls to Wall Phase, be warned as players often sneak up behind you. Non-stop battle as when you die, you respawn; when you shoot others, you get gems that can be used to buy skins.

Available on Steam for $1.99


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